Designed to keep bolts from ever coming loose

Ensures bolts will never come loose even in extreme terrain

(San Rafael, CA) — Stage 8, the leader in fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners for automotive, motorcycle, RV and off-road, now introduces locking header bolt kits designed specifically for side x side recreational vehicles using 8mm bolts. Off-roading in a side-by-side in remote locations is no time to experience equipment failure. Stage 8 is the only fastener company that can claim that their fasteners, including header bolt kits, have never failed. The new header bolt kits, #SBS-101 and #SBS-102, are available now for purchase. 

Part #SBS-101 is an 18-piece kit, retails for $38.40, and includes:

  • Six (6) M8 x 1.25 x 30mm DHH (dual hex head) grade 8 grooved Stage 8 locking bolts
  • Six (6) locking retainers
  • Six (6) clips

Part #SBS-102 is a 24-piece kit, retails for $49.85, and includes:

  • Eight (8) M8 x 1.25 x 30mm DHH (dual hex head) grade 8 grooved Stage 8 locking bolts
  • Eight (8) locking retainers
  • Eight (8) clips

Stage 8 header bolt kits are an excellent way to protect your investment and ensure rides are not interrupted with equipment failure. Easily removable, Stage 8 locking bolt kits are the world’s standard for performance lockdown technology that absolutely eliminates loose bolts even under the most extreme use on or off-road.

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