Military Locking Systems




Military Locking Systems

Combat conditions are extreme, and keeping fasteners tight in a world where IED explosions, rollovers and brutal terrain are the norm can be a real challenge. When military lives depend on fastener integrity you have to have a locking fastener system that absolutely works. A fastener you can depend on to be there, and to remain secure.

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners do exactly that, no matter what the conditions. Other immediate benefits come into play with Stage 8 Fasteners, such as safety, dependability, and lower maintenance costs. If bolts do not loosen, ongoing maintenance is reduced, allowing a higher availability rate. Given the critical nature of fastener integrity as it pertains to any military application, Stage 8 looks forward to providing fail-safe locking fastener systems for all existing and future military needs.

As a proud supporter of our military, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners is an active participant of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), the Association of United States Army (AUSA), and a member of the Defense Sustainment Consortium (DSC).

Case Study: BAE and Oshkosh Military Door Solution

When the military decided to replace the old reliable Deuce-and-a-half troop transport, they started with a clean slate: a vee-bottom to resist IED explosions and armor everywhere to protect the soldiers. It was meant to be a rolling unstoppable fortress — and by golly, it was.

However, soon after they started being deployed an issue arose. Not a major issue really, nothing that would stop it in its tracks at all, but more like a nuisance. Turns out the doors wouldn’t shut properly. Being 800 pounds apiece had a lot to do with the issue (hey, armor is heavy!). This is a door so heavy, it puts a lot of stress on the hinges as well as the hinge hardware.

After looking at several updates that never quite stood up to the stresses, the United States military turned to Stage 8 Locking Fasteners to see if a Stage 8 solution was available. Stage 8 addressed the problem with one of their trademarked Counter-Bore Locking Fasteners.

This is a proprietary locking fastener that can lock a bolt in place that lies sub-surface or in a hole. Stage 8’s Counter-Bore Product consists of a 12-point bolt with an accompanying special Counter-Bore Locking Retainer, a Snap Ring completes the Three-Piece system and keeps the system intact and LOCKED in place.

Once approved, BAE and Oshkosh (the military’s chosen manufacturer) installed millions of the Stage 8 Locking Fastener on the door hinges. Not long after implementing the new door hinge fasteners, Stage 8 received great news from the motor pool: no more loose hinges and the doors work fine.

Stage 8 is very proud to have been a part of the development process of these vehicles as well as the great feeling we get knowing that our bolts are out there fighting for freedom and saving the lives of our soldiers.

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