Spindle Nut System Locking Fasteners

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners developed this patented Locking Spindle Nut for the United States military and the heavy equipment industry to increase the durability and reliability of special use vehicles. The Stage 8 Locking Spindle Nut System will work on all spindles with a keyway and is guaranteed not to fail.

The assembly is comprised of 5 parts; a specialized bearing washer, the spindle nut (which can be set to an individual pre-load value), a locking retainer and a heavy spring steel snap ring. Additionally, the assembly is available in a limited space version.

The Locking Spindle Nut assembly is easily installed without any specialized tools. The system is adaptable to just about any application and specification. The spindle nut itself can be locked in any position and will maintain a required bearing preload value. This extremely tough innovation withstands severe reverse torque, a real plus when you’re 25 miles away from the nearest civilization.

When you have a critical joint, utilizing a nut or bolt, that absolutely must not loosen, we will keep it tight – guaranteed! ™ ~ Stage 8.


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