Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member Steven Olsewski from California. Steven also owns the website. Here is his story:

Products using:
X-Lock Dana 44
Header Bolts LT1

Truck: Class 2000 race truck. (Races MORE Racing series in Southern California, Class 2000 is steel body, leaf spring class) It started out as a stock 2005 GMC Canyon and since has had everything replaced.

Why I Like Stage 8: Off-roading puts a vehicle through some of the harshest conditions and abuse. While racing the last thing you want is a bolt to fail causing you to be taken out of a race or cause damage. With the Stage 8 products we are using we are rest assured that those bolts aren’t going anywhere. The X-Lock on the front spindles gives us plenty of ease knowing those front wheels won’t be going anywhere.

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