Our newest Stage 8 Pro Team Member is Kevin Ultra4Jones. Kevin is at King of the Hammers preparing for the race to begin. He’s #518 and running with Stage 8 locking fasteners to keep bolts tight on his vehicle. He also recently did an install video of the X-Lock, and it is posted on our pages. Good luck at KOH and beyond, Kevin!
Here’s what he has to say about Stage 8:
As a long time hot rod enthusiast, I’ve grown up running Stage 8 locking header bolts on many cars/trucks. It wasn’t until I made the transition to off road racing and started having trouble with spindle nuts backing off that I discovered Stage 8 X-Lock spindle nut kits. These have been a game changer for my program. The confidence knowing that I have one less variable on my race car is what every off roader is looking for! I will be a Stage 8 customer for life. -Kevin Ultra4Jones, California
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