Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member Cory Newlon from Turlock, California.  He took second place both days at Laguna Seca at the SCCA Regionals. Here is his story.

My Stage 8 story starts with the frustration of leaky collectors and blown header gaskets. Every race, every time we’d run the car, we were constantly chasing exhaust leaks and at risk of being pulled into the pits. We would double nut them, that didn’t work. Double gaskets, that didn’t work. Special leakproof gaskets, didn’t work.

We watched some video on YouTube and saw a commercial on Stage 8 locking fasteners and decided to give them a shot. No more leaks, no more issues. Podiums instead of pitstops. Finally found a solution to the problem we had been chasing. With multiple vintage V8 muscle cars in the works for 2022, Stage 8 locking fasteners is going to be a key team member for crossing the finish line.

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