Meet Stage 8 Pro Team Member of the Week Austin Gladden, Gladden Motorsports from Nipomo, California. Here is his story:

I was first introduced to the “prerunner” scene at Huckfest 2012, and after that event, I decided to pursue a career in metal fabrication and giving vehicles a new life! Through Gladden Motorsports, I offer consultation, design, fabrication, and maintenance. I discovered Stage 8 locking fasteners as I was searching Summit for a solution to my issue of header bolts backing out on my 1994 Ford Ranger! The headers on the 302 are a pain to put on when the motor is between a Ranger frame! Every time those bolts backed off, my manifold gasket would go out and the headers would have to come back out of the truck, everything cleaned, new gasket and new bolts. I have yet to remove my headers since installing them with Stage 8 Fasteners! Absolutely love the company and their products! It’s great to know I can get my fastener issues resolved quickly and for a great price!

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