Animation shows how-it-works and compares to OEM bolts

January 18, 2021 (San Rafael, CA) — Stage 8, the leader in fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners, has partnered with Utah-based AutoNetTV Media, Inc. to produce a consumer bolt animation video for use on their website and social media.

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners develops bolts of all sizes from very small eyeglass bolts to massively large locomotive and earthmover bolts. The performance automotive industry is their largest market supplying locking fasteners for headers, turbos, timing covers, oil pans, intake manifolds, starters, valve covers, harmonic balancers, and more.

In addition to custom videos and animations for manufacturers like Stage 8 Locking Fasteners and other organizations throughout the supply chain, AutoNetTV is recognized as an industry pioneer for vehicle owner education, delivering award-winning videos for subscription use in waiting areas, service counters, websites, Digital Vehicle Inspections, social media, email, and text messaging.

Both companies are long-standing iconic automotive aftermarket businesses – Stage 8 recently announced their 35th anniversary of providing safety solutions, and AutoNetTV has provided in-shop automotive content for 17 years.

AutoNetTV developed from scratch a :15 animation showing a tubed header system from a distance, then zooming into one of the bolts to show the tightening of the bolt and how the patented retainer and retaining clip come together to keep header bolts from coming loose ever again. A second :10 animation was created to show the Stage 8 bolt compared to a non-Stage 8 bolt. Typically, bolts will become loose when exposed to a change in temperature from high to low which causes expansion. Stage 8 locking fasteners absolutely eliminate any loose bolts caused by thermal expansion and vibration. To view the animation, visit

Stage 8 owner Bruce Bennett says, “Stage 8 is the only company with a completely fail-proof fastener for the automotive aftermarket. We were seeking a way to showcase this solution about how our safety locking system works in a way that would be easy to comprehend, and AutoNetTV was the perfect partner with their understanding of automotive products and animation expertise.”

AutoNetTV VP-Production Development, Lance Boldt says, “As automotive content experts, we have solutions for every content need. Our company is able to take even the most complex processes and products and develop a video, with or without animation, to capture the most salient points.”

Due to the critical nature of fastener integrity, Stage 8 has a history of providing fail-proof fastening solutions that ensure the highest level of safety for companies of all sizes and their applications throughout the world. Stage 8 locking bolt kits are today the world’s standard for performance lockdown technology. The team at Stage 8 is available to answer questions about how their products can be used for particular application needs or to discuss a custom solution.

For more information about Stage 8 products, visit, email, or call (800) 843-7836.


About Stage 8
With over 23 million installations in the automotive, construction, military, aerospace and railroad industries, for over 35 years, Stage 8 has zero failures. Founded in 1985, Stage 8 manufactures many types of active, fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners. Stage 8 has proudly serviced the performance automotive customers for 35 years as well as GE Locomotive, Link-Belt Cranes, Caterpillar, NASA, Oshkosh, Ford Racing, BAE Systems, Stolle Machinery and more. Made in the USA. Visit for more information.


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