23 million installations, 78 patents and trademarks, 0 failures

December 14, 2020 (San Rafael, CA) — Stage 8, the leader in fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners, announces the celebration of their 35th anniversary. Since the company’s inception, Stage 8 has achieved over 23 million installations in the automotive and motorcycle, construction, military, aerospace and railroad industries, and it all started in a garage in 1985. It was then when company founder and owner Bruce Bennett was attempting to replace an exhaust pipe on his Harley-Davidson Shovelhead. He recounts how the pipe fell off the first day. He couldn’t believe the brand new bolts wouldn’t stay tight. Not wanting to replace the bolt every month, Bennett thought of a simple concept: a bolt that wouldn’t work its way loose, even under extreme temperature and vibration.

Bennett’s constant companion, a German Shepherd dog named “Eight Ball,” was right by his side through every engineered variation of his fastener, and coincidently died just as Bennett finished testing the eighth concept, the final one that met his high standard specifications. As a tribute to his canine companion, Bennett named his new company Stage 8.

ince then, Stage 8 Locking Fasteners has developed bolts of all sizes from very small eyeglass bolts to massively large locomotive and earthmover bolts, all made from carbon alloy steel. The performance automotive industry is their largest market supplying locking fasteners for headers, turbos, timing covers, oil pans, intake manifolds, starters, valve covers, harmonic balancers, and more.

Typically, bolts will become loose when exposed to a change in temperature from high to low which causes expansion, Stage 8 locking fasteners effectively eliminate any loosening caused by expansion or vibration.

Owner Bruce Bennett recalls, “Looking back over the years and all the installations we’ve had, I am most proud that our bolts were used by NASA in space to hold cameras in place. They are also used in the deepest oil wells of the world, multiple hydro-electric plants, on massive trains, military Humvees, and, of course, on some of the greatest motorcycles and hot rods and race vehicles out there. I’m so happy to have been able to provide a better solution to a common problem that affects so many industries. I’m also really proud to say our products have always been and will always be Made in the USA. Over 23 million installations and counting, 78 patents and trademarks, and 0 reported failures. It’s been a great 35 years.”

Due to the critical nature of fastener integrity, Stage 8 has a history of providing fail-proof fastening solutions that ensure the highest level of safety for companies of all sizes and their applications throughout the world. Stage 8 locking bolt kits are today the world’s standard for performance lockdown technology. The team at Stage 8 is available to answer questions about how their products can be used for particular application needs or to discuss a custom solution.

For more information about Stage 8 products, visit Stage8.com, email info@stage8.com, or call (800) 843-7836.

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