San Rafael, CA (February 14, 2024) — Stage 8, the leader in manufacturing fail-safe mechanical locking fasteners, announces a partnership with the founder of War Paint Offroad, a YouTube channel that demonstrates how to fabricate, build, and modify offroad rigs. The channel, started by a popular YouTube influencer, has over 10K subscribers and over 300 videos, and is highly ranked with over 1.5 million views. Known as Dan to his audience, he takes pride in teaching enthusiasts how to make modifications on a “normal guy’s budget” from his garage. Known for his straight shooter style of presenting information mixed with humorous outtakes, he is recognized as an authority that promotes only products he believes in and not steering people in buying something they don’t need.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” says owner Bruce Bennett of Stage 8 Locking Fasteners. “Our entry into the offroad segment started with our X-Lock locking spindle nut kit about ten years ago, and within the last couple of years, we’ve expanded the line with new axle flange locking bolt kits. Most of the category of products was created from a need from offroaders who were having bolts back out during racing. People called us with a problem, and we created a solution. Dan will provide us with more connections in this segment and will represent Stage 8 at some of the offroad events throughout the year.”

Dan says, “Stage 8 got my attention when I couldn’t keep axle shafts from loosening up in 14 bolt axles under offroad abuse.  I was super impressed with their zero-failure rate, which instills confidence in racers and off-roaders. I am very impressed with the quality and Stage 8’s parts speak for themselves the second you hold them in your hand. I’m very stoked about this new partnership.”

Dan built and drives his Jeep JKU, called Warpaint, and is currently building a completely custom 1978 Jeep CJ5 with junkyard one ton axles, a completely custom frame made from a pile of tubing, a Chevy V8, and a high performing custom link suspension. All made at home in a normal guy garage. The coolest part….Dan is building this vehicle not only with the hope of eventually racing it, but also to get his young kids in the driver’s seat out on the trails.

For more information about Stage 8 products, visit, email, or call (800) 843-7836 or visit @stage8lockingfasteners on FB and IG, and @Stage8Media on YouTube.

For War Paint Off Road, visit YouTube Channel @WarPaintOffroad, Instagram @WarPaintJKU and website

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