From Mark Chandler, an RVer who runs the “Our Journey in Myles” video podcast:

Stage 8 RV Slideout Motor Locking Fastener Kits are essential accessories designed to secure the slideout motors on recreational vehicles (RVs) from ever becoming loose again! These kits offer a reliable solution to prevent unwanted movement and potential bolt connection hub damage to the slideout gearbox during travel or when actuating the slideout machinery. With their innovative locking design, the fastener kits ensure that properly torqued slideout motor cap screws remain securely fastened, eliminating the risk of any unexpected loosening due to vibrations. Built to withstand the rigors of the road, Stage 8 RV Slideout Motor Locking Fastener Kits provide peace of mind to RV owners, allowing them to enjoy their adventures with confidence AND one less thing to worry about! NO MORE LOOSE MOTORHOME SLIDEOUT CAP SCREWS!

Stage 8 Pro Team Member Danny DixonStage 8 Pro Team Member Jeff Belback
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