DNA60-AX Dana 60 Axle/Flange Locking Bolt Kit (Per Side)


DNA60-AX Dana 60 Axle/Hub Locking Bolt Kit

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DNA60-AX Dana 60 Axle/Flange Locking Bolt Kit

Part Number: DNA60-AX

Introducing the all-new Stage 8 Dana 60 axle/flange locking bolt kit. Designed specifically to address the needs of the off-road community, the Stage 8 Dana 60 axle/flange kit provides a simple yet ingenious solution to the off-roader’s constant battle with loosening bolts.

The 20-piece kit includes the following:

  • Eight (8) grooved Stage 8 locking bolts
  • Four (4) lazer cut stainless steel locking bridge retainers
  • Eight (8) retaining clips

This kit is for a single installation. Purchase two if you intend to lock down both sides of your Dana 60.

Properly installed, your Dana 60 axle/flange will never loosen or break free. Easily removable, Stage 8 locking bolt kits are the world’s standard for performance lock-down technology.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4.25 × 3 × 1.5 in