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Sitemap for Stage 8 - The World's Best Locking Fasteners & Nuts and Bolts
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Stage 8 Locking Fasteners are durable and dependable. Go Anywhere in Confidence
amcside locking spindle nut

Stage 8 Locking Fasteners are durable and dependable. Go Anywhere in Confidence.


Off Road Locking Fastener


Matt RustThe off road product page you entered displays the best locking fasteners on the market. All Stage 8 Locking Fasteners will stay tight in the harshest operating conditions.


Stage 8 Locking Fasteners developed the X-Lock, a patented Locking Spindle Nut replacement assembly for Dana 44, 60 & 70 spindles.


The X-Lock system is laser cut from 4130 steel for a perfect fit. All components are heat treated and through hardened for superior strength and dependable performance. The Stage 8 X-Lock will never loosen.




The manual locking hub kit is also manufacturer model specific for 2 different styles of locking hubs. The collector kit is similar to all of our fasteners which are extremely durable and will never loosen.



For header bolt kits click the appropriate vehicle manufacturer button and then review the part listing; select your specific part number with the corresponding pricing. 


Please, use the dealer locator to find the nearest retailer. Many of our dealers have web sites you can order from or call them direct to determine if they carry your selected part number. The Stage 8 Sales & Tech departments are also available to assist with your order.


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X-Lock The locking spindle nut for Dana 44, 60 & 70 replaces the outdated Jam nut system.


X-Lock expanded view

Part #   Description
DNA -44   (5) Piece Locking Spindle Nut System Dana 44
Spindle 1 5/8" x 16
DNA -60


(5) Piece Locking Spindle Nut System Dana 60 & 70
Spindle 2" x 16
* * Must be equipped with manual lock-out hubs
Also Fits GM Corporate 10 & 14 Bolt
Part # Kit Name Description
DNA -44 GM Corporate 10 Bolt (5) Piece Locking Spindle Nut System with
1 5/8" x 16 Nut
DNA - 60 ** GM Corporate 14 Bolt (5) Piece Locking Spindle Nut System with
2" x 16 Nut
** hub internal dimensions of 3.03 inches and larger

  Off Road hub
Manual Locking hub   Please Call For Pricing
  8901     Warn Style Manual Lock-out    (12) 3/8-16x1¼” 12pt
  8902*     Add’l Style Manual Lock-out    (12) 3/8-16x1” 12pt
Requiring a shorter bolt
  * Call our Tech Advisers identify your hub manufacturer before selecting

   Off Road Locking Fasteners
Stage 8 Locking header Bolts   Please Call For Pricing
  See sections for GM, Ford, Mopar, AMC, Imports for specific application

  locking bolts by Stage 8
Collector Kit   Please Call For Pricing
  8950     (6) 3/8-16x1”
           8950S        (6) 3/8-16x1½”
  8950SS     (6) stainless Steel 3/8-16x1”

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